Our Equipment

Heavy Haul Trailer Equipment

The following list features highlights from our extensive inventory of heavy haul equipment. We have fabrication and welding shops on site, and are capable of making or modifying a trailer to handle your specific needs/requirements.

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  • 400 ton capacity, 60’0″ deck length, 10’0″ deck width with 12 line hydraulic suspension and steering
  • 350 ton Side Frame transporter with hydraulic raise and lowering capabilities, in addition to hydraulic steering
  • Trailers with 200 ton capacity, 30’0″ deck length, 10’0″ width, and 6 line hydraulic suspension and steering
  • Trailers with 150 ton capacity, 35’0″ deck length, 48 wheeler
  • Trailer with 80 ton capacity, 12 axle, 37’6″ to 54’0″ deck length
  • Lowbed trailers with 75 ton capacity, 20’0″ to 35’6″ deck length
  • Lowbed trailer with 90 ton capacity, 26’0″ beam deck
  • Steering Dolly Transporter Units for long loads (up to 100 ton capacity)
  • Lowbed trailers with 40-50-60 ton capacities, deck lengths up to 40’0″ long, Air-Ride
  • Lowbed trailers extendable to 50’0″ deck lengths
  • Mini Deck Lowbed trailers with up to 55 ton capacity, deck length up to 53’0″
  • Single Drop trailers, 2-3-4 axles, up to 50’0″ long, Air-Ride
  • Extendable, 2-3 axle Single Drop trailers, up to 80’0″ in length
  • Jeeps, Boosters, Pinion Axles to allow extra weight (Canada © the United States)
  • Company owned Heavy Duty tractors, as well as company owned escort pilot vehicles